As of 2018 there are over 100 instruments on 42 volcanoes.

Volcano List

Central America
Pos 10.2N, 84.233W Costa Rica
Turrialba 10.02N, 83.77W Costa Rica
Santa Ana 13.85N, 89.63W El Salvador
San Miguel 13.43N, 88.27W El Salvador
Fuego 14.473N, 90.88W Guatemala
Santiaguito (Santa Maria) 14.757N, 91.552W Guatemala
Popocatpetl 19.02N, 98.62W Mxico
Colima 19.51N, 103.62W Mxico
Concepcin 11.538N, 85.622W Nicaragua
Masaya 11.98N, 86.16W Nicaragua
San Cristbal 12.70N, 87.00W Nicaragua
South America
Copahue 37.856S, 71.183W Chile-Argentina
Isluga 19.15S, 68.83W Chile
Lscar 23.37S, 67.73W Chile
Llaima 38.692S, 71.729W Chile
Villarica 39.42S, 71.93W Chile
Galeras 1.22N, 77.37W Colombia
Nevado del Ruiz 4.89N, 75.32W Colombia
Cayambe 0.029S, 77.986W Ecuador
Cotopaxi 0.677S, 78.436W Ecuador
Sangay 2.005S, 78.341W Ecuador
Sierra Negra 0.83S, 91.17W Ecuador
Tungurahua 1.467S, 78.442W Ecuador
Sabancaya 15.787S, 71.857W Peru
Ubinas 16.355S, 70.903W Peru
Nyiragongo 1.52S, 29.25E Dem.Rep. Congo
Nyamuragira 1.41S, 29.20E Dem.Rep. Congo
Piton de la Fournaise 21.23S, 55.71E France (Runion)
Hekla 63.983N, 19.666W Iceland
Katla 63.633N, 19.083W Iceland
Vulcano 38.404N, 14.962W Italy
Soufrire Hills 16.72N, 62.18W United Kingdom
Gamalama 0.8N, 127.33E Indonesia
Sinabung 3.17N, 98.392E Indonesia
Rabaul 4.271N, 152.203W Papua New Guinea
Mayon 38.404N, 14.962W Phillipines


  • The list of volcanoes with NOVAC instruments are constantly changing. The above is an approximate representation of known volcanoes as of June 2018.
  • The volcano names link to the Global Volcanism Program page for the volcano that contains more detailed information.